Why you should contest charges with DUI

Most people facing DUI charges never even think about contesting the charges brought against them. DUI proceedings tend to be very emotive. To begin with, the accused is usually consumed by guilt especially in situations where an accident has led to serious injuries. Secondly, the presiding judge could easily get moved by public sentiments and emotions to make a harsh judgment. The final result is that the accused is not judged fairly.

How a DUI attorney can help
There are many grounds for contesting DUI charges and an experienced DUI attorney can help. Most DUI convictions are based on breathalyzer tests but these are not infallible. Some of the equipment used to conduct these tests are poorly calibrated and are therefore unreliable. Moreover, it usually happens that the officers conducting these tests end up violating the rights of the accused. In many DUI cases, it has emerged that arresting officers actually tamper with the evidence they collect.

Quite clearly, there are usually very good grounds for contesting DUI charges. Should you find yourself facing such a charge, do not be tempted to simply plead guilty and then hope for the best. An experienced DUI attorney could fight for your acquittal.

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