The Severity of DUI Convictions

In every state, DUI charges have been formulated with one major objective – to keep drunk drivers off the road. The consequences of drunk driving are too obvious and painful for everybody involved and all attempts to make the roads safe are laudable. However, DUI charges tend to be rather punitive and, unbeknown to many drivers can actually be contested when you use the services of an experienced attorney.

Typical DUI convictions
DUI convictions vary from the mild to the extreme but, regardless of their nature, a DUI conviction has far-reaching consequences.

A mild DUI conviction might lead to the suspension of your driver’s license. Sometimes you might get away with a light fine but this only happens rarely. Usually, DUI fines are extremely high. A DUI conviction might also send you behind bars.

Whether you get away with a light fine or end up doing time, the consequences of a DUI conviction will affect your life forever. As a consequence of the DUI conviction, your insurer will consequently charge higher rates. Should you end up in jail, your career could be ruined and your social status will certainly suffer. That is why all attempts must be made to fight DUI charges.

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